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On April 1st of 1952, Willis "Bill" Early purchased the firm of Carroll & Edwards (the company for which he had been working as a salesman of heavy construction equipment), officially renaming and incorporating his new venture as Columbus Equipment Company. Now, 70 years later, Columbus Equipment Company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Bill served as the company's president, founder and leader from 1952 until 1988. He was known throughout the state, across the country and around the world as a legend—a true innovator in the heavy equipment industry.

Bill passed away in 1988, but his strength in sales, marketing and management philosophies continue to guide the company today. Throughout our history, our mission has been to ensure that each customer is given "a fair deal every time." Fair dealing along with the best customer support in the industry has been the backbone to our success.

As Ohio's Dependable Dealer, Columbus Equipment Company is largely owned by Bill Early's family, and also by former and current employees. Columbus Equipment has expanded into ten locations, and continues to be committed to being the best—the best equipment, the best product support, the best customer service and the best overall experience when it comes to purchasing heavy equipment.

We realize that our employees are our most important resource, and that our customers are our most important asset. At Columbus Equipment Company, our customers are our first priority.

We emphasize partnerships with our customers, large or small, and put all our efforts into meeting their needs. This partnership is the ongoing assurance of our mutual success.